5 New Ideas Every Blogger Should Have

Not finding any idea to write is haunting every blogger or freelance writer in today’s free internet. If you gauge any topic on the internet it is right there and covered any possible niche.

Then what is the next step for freelance writers to see for a new article?

There is still plenty of room left for any aspiring writer to mark a footprint on freelance writing. This is possible only when you are much passionate about it.

If you check any medium to convey the message to the audience or reader you need content and the platform to showcase the content would be your blogs or Vlogs.

Suppose you are good in particular knowledge and want to share and help to the needy people out there, I am sure, you will get the place to be clicked.

So here I will tell you some hooks where you can fit to be perfect in a freelance writing job. These are just pro-ideas to apply in your blogging business.

Read, Read, and more Read

You might have thought why I always emphasize on reading?

You got it right. This is the only place I feel make a person mature one from every aspect of life. If you really want to explore and learn and earn knowledge, read books. Make a habit of reading books daily. You will get plenty number of ideas to work in your genre.

For a freelance writer or blogger, if you stick to reading habit and read regularly, there is no doubt, this will help you to have more ideas for writing in different articles.

When I first started writing, I experienced a lot of difficulties in writing. Still, I don’t exaggerate myself as an expert on writing but what I earned now as compared before the whole credit goes to my habit of reading that I built long before. And I still hooked to this habit every day for at least 1 hour.

Apart from reading books, take out a few minutes and read some important blogs and articles of your genre from different blog sites. Compare your blogs and articles with your peers for the corrections of your mistakes. This will definitely help you to analyze your ideas and motivates you to write more.

And reading does not end here, if you have a habit of reading magazine of your interest, will be even more helpful for the new source of writing on your article. There are many magazines in the market with current trends, healthcare, finance, dating, money, you name it. Reading magazine regularly keep you up-to-date all the time.

Extract ideas from search engine and Q&A sites like Google Search, Quora, YahooAnswers, WikiAnswers, etc.

In today’s internet age, every question you asked is answered right there. To grab the opportunity, you need a mere $1 – $2 of internet pack a month. Any tough question is almost possible to answer and found on the internet.

There are a number of hungry websites on the internet to answer your queries in a fraction of moment.

One of the most used websites we have today is Google. It is like a God for all the digital-savvy people in the world. Anything you ask or search, Google can feed you with a proper answer or show you a number of options to choose from.

Unlike Google, there are sites where you can explore your ideas and apply to your blogging business or freelancing. These sites are Quora, askville.amazon.com, answerbag.com, yahoo answers, WikiAnswers, etc. Register to these sites and explore is that simple. You can ask any questions pertaining to your belief, the answer is right there in front of your screen.

There is only one reason to check these sites regularly is to extract some good ideas for your writing or business.

I think hook to these sites is worth time spending instead of burning your butts and watching Netflix series on TV.

Google Trends

One of the most familiar features to get some ideas for a freelance writer or blogger is Google Trends. In Google Trends, you will get the contextual ideas for your keyword search to help your writing to get more traffic.

Every blogger or writer should use this wonderful tool to explore the creativity of your writing to push forward to get rank on top. This is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool to check the volume of your keyword search. Being updated to this tool makes you more advanced in terms of writing to your particular article.

I always hook to Google Trends first before jotting down anything for sure. Google Trends is helping me to name an impressive and eye-catching title for my article. It also gives me a preemptive idea of whether I should write on a particular topic or not because this can show the true volume of any topic or genre.

Get used to SEO Tools like SEMrush, ahrefs, Google Search Consol, MOz, etc.

Every blogger or Vblogger wants his/her websites or videos to be visited, read, watched more.  And if you really want your blog sites to be monetized properly, you need certain tools and features to do the job.

The SEO tools such as SEMrush, ahrefs, and Google Search Consol work for you when you are familiar with these sites. Not only this, these SEO sites can give you more ideas about the concept of writing. Especially for the newbie, those who are struggling to find any topic to write down can check the different articles from the other blogger and writers.

These sites are effective for you and me because this is the portal where you can compare your URL with the same niche from other bloggers and also possible to create back-links to generate more traffic for your blog sites.

Write Regularly

Last but not least is write regularly. Make a habit of writing every day until the flow comes from inside. Once the habit builds, it never tends to stop.

If you are a newbie and not getting words to express, no problem, you are still to go but do not give up.

All well-known writers in the world faced the same problems in his/her life before writing their masterpieces or bestsellers.

Read books, blogs, and magazines to get updated with the current affairs and trends. You can note down whatever you finished in your own words. Do not copy. Just let the flow of writing works on behalf of you and write down whatever comes in your mind. There will be some grammatical errors or sentence structure errors at the initial sessions, no issues, keep it for later corrections. Now the only job you do is to concentrate on building the writing habit. The best idea to write is your own dream. You can jot down, no matter what you dreamt the night before. Try to create a story out of your dream. Once everything is settled after a few session of your writing, then you try correcting the mistakes like grammar, sentence structure, and so on.

This is how the writing works for you and me. None of the work is going to be perfect unless you practice.


How will these hooks be a perfect idea for your writing? If not please comment below.


5 Amazing Hooks Make Your Day Fit and Energetic

Generally, the 21st century is the luckiest century for the entire humankind. Today’s new millennial feel even more lucky to have this century.

This century is helping us in every possible way to resolve our requirements. We are experiencing these comforts only because of the advanced technology, communications, infrastructures, smartphones, smart TVs, social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and so on.

In this advanced technology-laden century, the humankind is heading towards the more comfort zones. Psychologically, the mind is totally hooked to the feeling of good and happy. The hard work, pain, etc. are getting extinguished from the mind of the people.

Everybody wants comfort.

Just a click and Voila! Job is done!!

The other day, I also tried to be comforted myself and booked a couple of green vegetables from an online shopping app. Surprisingly, not even an hour passed the booking, the fresh green vegs are in front of my door.

I felt happy buying things from apps and started buying a series of items and products. Gradually, I started loving the ideas and hooked to the smartphones and apps for finding more happiness and comfort with other options.

Basically, I used to prefer going to grocery shop by walking and it was a good walking habit that formed within me and walked any shops if I wanted to buy things for my home.

But that day’s experience of my booking online has broken the wired habit and hooked to the comfort zone where I could do my job by sitting comfortably in my chair.

After a few months of those comforts and happy moments, it is hard to believe, but I found the result gruesome.

I started putting more weight on the body. I became too lazy to walk and exercise. I started waking up late in the morning etc. etc.

I started using my smartphone every two minutes of intervals. The notification alert in my phone made me more obsessed to check for new updates every second.

Then an idea struck in my mind and thought If I write something about the subject “FIT” would be helpful for my learning and I can share this to my readers as well.

But one question that was keep coming in my mind was “What are the factors that you can hook and become fit in your life?”

You heard it right, “the factors to hook and become fit in life.”

And your ‘FIT’ can be anything in life. It could be your health, wellness, money, business, relationship, love, and so on.

In life, if you pay more attention to something right/wrong for a certain period of time then the result is always surprisingly either good and bad.

It is like how long you hook yourself to the thing that you want to get the results.

So to fit yourself well in any aspect of life you need to pay more attention or be hooked to the subject to be perfect.

The hook is nothing but the thing that meant to grab your attention.

Here I am happy to mention 5 amazing hooks which can make your day fit and energetic.

  1. Wake Up Early (5-6 am in the morning)

It is difficult but possible. Hook to this wonderful habit makes your life fit. Cool and fresh breezes in the morning help you more creative person. It motivates you to solve the problems. Getting up early helps you to accept more negative and finds the positive energy from it.

All successful people in the world believe this habit of waking up early in the morning and become successful in their life. It is said that Bill Gates wakes up sharp at 4 AM in the morning.

One more benefit you can earn when getting up early morning is you will be having much time to be yourself alone. You can utilize this time progressively in habits like reading, workout, etc.

  1. Drink Water in the Morning

Drink at least a full glass of water in the morning daily. Drinking water in the morning helps your tummy calm and works as a regulator to balance your metabolism.

Because the food that you eat in the night before get digested fully in the morning and your stomach becomes empty, urging you to have something. It is not possible for everybody to have food in the morning. So to respite from this, the only thing that can make your urging comes down is drinking water. And water works as a nutrient. After all, water is a part of micro-nutrient properties.

Water is the most important ingredients for body hydration and helps your organs and limbs, like kidney, heart, muscle, bones, strong.

It is essential for us to hook this habit of drinking pure water every day.

  1. Exercise/Yoga/Meditation

Your day will become energetic when you do morning workout or exercise, yoga, or meditation. Ten to 30 minutes of workout daily can boost your energy and get charged for the whole day. If you really want a toned and beautiful body, experts believe, an exercise in an empty stomach can help your desired goals.

Exercises like cardio, walking, pilates, Tabata, squats, etc. are very helpful for strong bones and muscle as well as your spirit.

Yoga and meditations are no doubt help your mind, body, and spirit strong and spiritual. There are a number of yoga positions in the world, but it is not mandatory to perform all of these.  According to your convenience and skill, you can choose 1 to 5 positions to do the job.

As you know, my all-time favorite yoga pose is Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) which can make me fit from all the parts of my body. It is one of the full power-pack exercises that I have learned ever.

Hook to these exercises can make your life fit, happy, and healthy.

  1. Reading

There is no doubt that reading is one of the most important fitness habits for knowledge and learning. Morning reading helps you to learn quickly of any subject you are interested in. You can concentrate more in the morning as compared to other segments of time.

Early in the morning, the attention level of a healthy adult will be very high. You can pay more attention to your reading and help comprehend any tough subject to store in your frontal lobe of the brain.

Once you start reading, you come to contact with various knowledge from the outside. Different kinds of ideas can bring you to a solid thought to perfect your knowledge.

Hook to this habit definitely bring you to genius.

  1. Diet (Morning Breakfast)

It is well known to all that to drive a car, it needs fuel. Similarly, to drive our body and organ, we need a diet that also a balanced one. A balanced diet with the required amount of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins is the real hook for your health.

The morning breakfast is essential why because it generates more energy for your body. It is okay to skip lunch but we should never skip our breakfast. Many nutritionists and experts in this field believe that we should take morning breakfast in between 7AM to 9AM. If you delay taking breakfast out of this time, chances are impacted your metabolism processes in the body. Imbalances of metabolism can affect cell growth.

It is always hooked to the proper diet at the proper time will definitely make your day fit and energetic.

According to you, how will you make your day fit and energetic? Please comment below.


Disclaimer:  The above-given article is not for any advice. This is solely for my interest in the subject. If you really need any advice regarding the same, please contact your nutritionist or doctor or get knowledge from other related sources.


How is it helpful when you switch your diet to vegan or vegetarian

Are you in the midst of thought how a vegan or vegetarian diet can make a person healthy and fit?

You are not alone.

Being a non-vegetarian, even I got a little nudge. I could not stop finding the truth and delved into the facts to know more about the veganism. What I found is surprisingly well-documented truth about vegan and vegetarian diet which could be possible for many reasons.

You know very well, switching your diet will be difficult since you have been taking this for a long period of time. But I believe there is a way to switch your diet if you pay more attention to it.

Today, a vegan or vegetarian diet is no more strange talking. The plant-based foods are trending in the world and very popular.

Why because this vegan diet contains multi-beneficial factors and there are possibilities that this can make you healthy and fit for a prolonged period of time. If you really want good health and live longer, then vegan or vegetarian is the option.

Researchers have found a well balanced vegan diet with micronutrient properties like protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals, and water is the new hook for your well-being.

Many experts in the nutritional diet confirm that it may possible for vegan or vegetarian to receive an equal amount of protein from the plant-based food.

According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), well planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes. Total vegetarian or vegan diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Today more people are interested to switch their diet and going vegan or vegetarian.

Many experts believe that Vegan or vegetarian diets can reduce blood sugar level in the body and controls diabetes.

But there are other disadvantages for going vegan or vegetarian diet is lack of sufficient vitamin B12 or iron properties in plant-based food.  Experts and nutritionists say that it is better for people to take supplementary foods for the daily requirement of Vitamin B12, iron, and omega-3.

Here I want to tweak your attention and take you to the story of my own father who was a vegetarian. The term for this diet he used to tell us was Satvikk Food (in English righteous food).

I was curious to know about the diet that my father was taking.  When I checked later and found the Satvikk food that he was talking was nothing but Lacto-vegetarian diet.

Actually, Lacto-vegetarian is a person who takes dairy products and excludes eggs. The interesting fact is that my father did not have any major illnesses in his entire life as far as I know. He used to ride a bicycle until 100 years of his age. He was the inspiration for all of us in the family and local communities.

There are four types of Vegan or vegetarian diet followers in the world. These diets are distinguished as the following categories:

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: This type of diet includes eggs and dairy products.

Lacto-vegetarian: This type of diet excludes eggs, but includes dairy products.

Ovo-vegetarian: This type of diet includes dairy products, but excludes eggs.

Vegan: This type of diet excludes both eggs and dairy products.

You can choose the diet that suits you best.

Today, people are interested in going vegan or vegetarian diet is increasing in many countries. Especially, millennials from Asian countries and Europe are showing interest in vegan or vegetarian diets. According to a popular blog site, vegetariantimes.com says around 7.3 million Americans are vegetarian.

Popular hotels and restaurants in most of the countries have their vegan menu to serve.

Reading this data shows that a vegan or vegetarian diet is undoubtedly is the best option to follow the diet and become healthy.

There are other certain reasons that a person become vegan or vegetarian based on the following principles:

Ethical: If you see through the moral point of view, each and every living creatures on the planet has the right to live free. Its a philosophy about right or wrong. The person who thinks the cruelty against the animal is wrong, he/she never accepts eating animal products because behind all animal products there are some inhuman activities.

Religion: Some religions in the world do not entertain any killing and eating animal products. They strictly follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Health: This plays a major role in going vegan or vegetarian. According to WHO (World Health Organization) report ischemic heart disease is the topmost cause of death in the world. Ischemic heart disease is the accumulation of fat deposit in the artery restricting blood to flow. Many experts say that a plant-based diet helps good fat HDL to increase and controls the bad fat LDL and VLDL. Plant-based foods are good and healthy for many other major illnesses.

Environmental: Popular website independent.co.uk says veganism is “single most biggest way” to reduce our environmental impact on the planet, study finds. Studies are found that animal agriculture businesses release more greenhouse gases than other factors which affect the planet more. Researchers have also found that more animal killing would lead the acidification and dead zones in the ocean resulting lack of oxygen for sea animals. It is said that we could reduce all the impact that our beautiful planet is receiving by accepting a Vegan or vegetarian diet.

I think this all about attention that you need to heed for the benefit of the planet and your health.

Switching your diet is also not an easy task as it may hurt you mentally, emotionally, religiously. Its all up to you how well you decide. This is not a magic that shows you some miracles over the night. It is a gradual process and may change some down the line in the future.

I can only tell that its the education and knowledge of how you take the best way forward for switching your diet.


Disclaimer:  The above-given article is not for any advice. This is solely for my interest in the subject. If you really need any advice regarding the same, please contact your nutritionist or doctor or get better knowledge from other related sources.