5 Amazing Facts Make Reading Comprehensible

Reading is one of the multi-factored beneficial elements of human being. Reading enhances your creativity and knowledge, and much more.

Former president of America, Barack Obama says, “Reading is important. If you know how to read then the whole world opens up to you.”

But now the usage of more electronic devices and video games, the habit of reading is extinguishing in the mind of people. Children are more affected by this kind of lifestyles.

There are few people who keep the reading habit intact either by paper book or eBooks.

I feel strange when I observe people being busy with their electronic devices. It surely indicates that we are driving the culture of reading at a far distance.

Reading gives you a depth knowledge of your craft and skill. If you take an example, Bill Gates, the second richest person on the planet, reads one hour every night before going bed. All the great personalities in the world have their habit of reading every day.

In this personal view, I emphasize the reading habits which can help you in the process of gaining knowledge. Just an hour a day reading is more than sufficient to know the world.

Below are the 5 amazing facts, in my opinion, can definitely help in your understanding of reading.

1. Building Reading Habit

Habit makes anything perfect. For a better understanding of your reading, first, you need to build the habit of reading. In the book “The Power Of Habit” Charles Duhigg says without habit loop, our brains would shut down, overwhelmed by the minutiae of daily life.” In terms of reading also, once the process starts functioning in your brain, your reading habit loop will be formed and generate a good result of brain functions that no need to think again for the process, it works automatically.

2. Reading Hour

There is plenty number of time we have today to perform any work. Even though we have time, it does not mean we need to take our head out and read anything comes in your mind. Reading just one hour a day is enough for any comprehensive learning.  Choose any preferred time you feel it is convenient for reading, and go for it.

3. Read if you feel it is important, else get away

Overwhelming your brain by reading unwanted things make you more frustrated. In psychology, information bias is a cognitive bias to seek information when it does not affect action. People can often make better predictions or choices with less information: More information is not always better. Cut off the clutter and concentrate on important reading. Always search for knowledge-based reading.

4. 80/20 Rule

The useful idea to perform any work or projects. It applies also to your reading. Fewer efforts and more comprehensive results. In terms of reading, 80% of your knowledge will come, when you give 20% of your reading time and effort.

5. Meditation

Last but not least, meditation is one of the best tools to make you calm and present. It increases your level of concentration. You will become more energetic throughout the day. Five to 10 minutes of meditation in the morning and evening will increase your focus in reading. You never feel exhausted and tired when you do daily meditation.  You can make a good decision about what to read or not. Meditation also helps your understanding of the subject that you read.


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Disclaimer:  The above-given views are not intended for any kind of advice.  It is solely the purpose of my opinion about the subject that I am interested in.

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