5 Amazing Hooks Make Your Day Fit and Energetic

Generally speaking, the 21st century is the luckiest century in the history of humankind. Today’s new millennial feel even more lucky to have this century.

This century is helping us in every possible way to resolve our requirements. We are experiencing these comforts only because of the advanced technology, communications, infrastructures, smartphones, smart TVs, social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and so on.

In this advanced technology-laden century, the humankind is heading towards the more comfort zones. Psychologically, the mind is totally hooked to the feeling of good and happy. The hard work, pain, etc. are getting extinguished from the mind of the people.

Everybody wants comfort.

Just a click and Voila! Job is done!!

The other day, I also tried to become comfort myself and booked a couple of green vegetables from an online shopping app. Surprisingly, not even an hour passed the booking, the fresh green vegs are in front of my door.

I felt happy buying things from apps and started buying a series of items and products. And I started loving the ideas and hooked to the smartphones and apps for finding more happiness and comfort with other options.

Basically, I used to prefer going to grocery shop by walking and it was a good walking habit that formed within me and walked any shops if I wanted to buy things for my home.

But that day’s experience of my booking online has broken the wired habit and hooked to the comfort zone where I could do my job by sitting comfortably in my chair.

After a few months of those comforts and happy moments, it is hard to believe, but I found the result gruesome.

I started putting more weight on the body. I became too lazy to walk and exercise. I started waking up late in the morning etc. etc.

I started using my smartphone every two minutes of intervals. The notification alert in my phone made me more obsessed to check for new updates every second.

Then an idea struck in my mind and thought If I write something about the subject “FIT” would be helpful for my learning and I can share the knowledge to my readers as well.

But one question that was keep coming in my mind was “What are the factors that you can hook and become fit in your life?”

You heard it right, “the factors to hook and become fit in life.”

And your ‘FIT’ can be anything in life. It could be your health, wellness, money, business, relationship, love, and so on.

In life, if you pay more attention to something right/wrong for a certain period of time then the result is always surprisingly either good and bad.

It is like how long you hook yourself to the thing that you want to get the results.

So to fit yourself well in any aspect of life you need to pay more attention or be hooked to the subject to be perfect.

The hook is nothing but the thing that meant to grab your attention.

Here I am happy to mention 5 amazing hooks which can make your day fit and energetic.

Wake Up Early (5-6 am in the morning)

It is difficult but possible. Hook to this wonderful habit makes your life fit. Cool and fresh breezes in the morning help more creative person. It motivates you to solve the problems. Getting up early helps you to accept more negative and finds the positive energy from it.

All successful people in the world believe this habit of waking up early in the morning and become successful in their life.

It is known to all that Bill Gates wakes up sharp at 4 AM in the morning.

One more benefit you can earn when getting up early morning is you will be having much time to be yourself alone. You can utilize this time progressively in habits like reading, workout, etc.

Drink Water in the Morning

Drink at least a full glass of water in the morning. Drinking water in the morning helps your tummy calm and works as a regulator to balance your metabolism.

Because the food that you eat in the night before get digested fully in the morning and your stomach becomes empty, urging you to have something. It is not possible for everybody to have food in the morning. So to respite from this, the only thing that can make your urging comes down is drinking water. And water works as a nutrient. After all, water is a part of micro-nutrient properties.

Water is the most important ingredients for body hydration and helps your organs and limbs, like kidney, heart, muscle, bones, strong.

It is essential for us to hook this habit of drinking pure water every morning.


Your day will become energetic when you do morning workout or exercise, yoga, or meditation. Ten to 30 minutes of workout daily can boost your energy and get charged for the whole day. If you really want a toned and beautiful body, experts believe, an exercise in an empty stomach can help your desired goals.

Exercises like cardio, walking, pilates, Tabata, squats, etc. are very helpful for strong bones and muscle as well as your spirit.

Yoga and meditations are no doubt help your mind, body, and spirit. Spiritually, you feel strong from inside. There are a number of yoga positions in the world, but it is not mandatory to perform all of these.

According to your convenience and skill, you can choose 1 to 5 positions to do the job.

As you know, my all-time favorite yoga pose is Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) which can make me fit from all the parts of my body. It is one of the full power-pack exercises that I have ever learned.

Hook to these exercises can make your life fit, happy, and healthy.


There is no doubt that reading is one of the most important fitness habits for knowledge and learning. Morning reading helps you to learn quickly of any subject you are interested in. You can concentrate more in the morning as compared to other segments of time.

Early morning, the attention level of a healthy adult will be very high. You can pay more attention to your reading and help comprehend any tough subject to store in your frontal lobe of the brain.

Once you start reading, you come to contact with various knowledge from outside. Different kinds of ideas can bring you to a solid thought to perfect your knowledge.

Hook to this habit definitely bring you to your desired results.

Diet (Morning Breakfast)

It is well known to all that to drive a car, it needs fuel. Similarly, to drive our body and organ, we need a diet that also a balanced one. A balanced diet with the required amount of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins is the real hook for your health.

The morning breakfast is essential why because it generates more energy for your body. It is okay to skip lunch but we should never skip breakfast. Many nutritionists and experts in this field believe that we should take morning breakfast in between 7AM to 9AM. If you delay taking breakfast out of this time, chances are that impacted your metabolism processes in the body. Imbalances of metabolism can affect cell growth.

It is always hooked to the proper diet at the proper time will definitely make your day fit and energetic.


Are you all agree with these hooks to fit essentials? Please comment below.


Disclaimer:  The above-given article is not for any advice. This is solely for my interest in the subject. If you really need any advice regarding the same, please contact your nutritionist or doctor or get knowledge from other related sources.

My name is Tom Basnet The is purely about my interest in blog writing. If you like my blogs, please comment and share. Thanks, Tom


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