5 Amazing Hooks You Need During Covid-19 Lockdown

As the whole world is experiencing the exponential growth of Covid-19 infected people, almost the planet is in total lockdown now.  

According to WHO data on the website, around 575,444 confirmed cases, 26,654 confirmed deaths, and 202 Countries, areas or territories are affected by Covid-19 by the time of this writing.

We can hear people talking in every social media, newspaper, TVs as this pandemic has ever happened in their history of life.

Now guess how dangerous this tiny virus called Covid-19 in the mind of people. It is like the whole planet is paused for some time to orbit in its way, and tried to deviate some other path witnessing the disruptions of the vast economy in the world, creating a panic-like situation in the world for a crisis of hospitals, hospital beds, the requirement of essential goods like testing kits, ventilators, ICUs, daily foods, masks, sanitizers, etc, etc.

Most of the country in the world announced social-distancing and asked to stay at home for 3 to 4 weeks as they think this is the only solution to save human life.

Almost all the countries in the world announced a total lockdown to respite from this mayhem.

Since I am not a virologist, biologist, or any kind of scientist, so here I do not want to write about its origin and how it spreads to humans, what is its habitat, mutations, etc. etc. If you really want to know the details about it I suggest visiting regarding Covid-19.

Here I curated some important hooks (attention we need to pay) which you can do at home during this Lockdown and spend your time happily and in a much more creative way by staying alone or with your loved ones.



That is the message echoing every corner of the world now.

As you think the saying is very much rhetoric but this is the best possible way to be safe yourself. As it is said that Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease and can be transmitted person-to-person through various sources like cough, sneezing, touching, etc. You never know when you get caught the virus out there as the incubation period for the virus will be around 5-14 days to show the symptoms; however, it is very difficult to know if you have a Corona-19 in your body or not. 

So it is advised, you better be at home, be safe yourself, and save others’ life. There is no alternative in this scenario.

Now videos are being uploaded in every source of channel regarding this advice with hashtag #StayHomeStaysave.

Hope you follow the same.


Quality Time with Your Family

Let me start this with a quote by a famous self-help author Napoleon Hill, “every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”

So this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family at home. Nowadays people are very busy and you do not get time to be with your loved ones because of some deadlines that you have to do in offices or your workplaces.

Just imagine in the midst of a call with your loved ones, you get a message from your boss and ask you to finish the job that you left before receiving the call. How would you feel at that time? It is very disappointing that you could not finish the call that you wanted to finish according to your wish. That is what it plays psychologically with you and makes you very disappointed.

Now the time has come to be with your family and spend some quality time with them. Many more things you can discuss with your family while at home. You can start creating a good checklist for the betterment of your family’s future. Discuss different goal plans as well as can share the emotions of each one of the family members.


Time to Build Good Habits

This is the best time to optimize your habits with a fine touch. In this lockdown period, you will have a lot of time to be at home and that also with family. Isn’t it awesome!!

But you need to spend it in a productive way that can give you a good foundation in your later years. To do this you have to see which habit is good for you and your family if you have any.

There are many things that you can make happen at different times every day and work accordingly to it, like going to bed at night, getting up in the morning, exercising, reading, being with your family, etc. etc.

So making it all happen every day will require you to manage your time in the perfect syncing way. How will you do this in the same manner? The only way this can happen is by building your habit to cover these categories on time. Write down all in your daily checklist and schedule it in your convenient time frame.

One thing you need to take into consideration once you start, do not skip it. You need to do it all on time whatever you schedule in the checklist. Then you will see the perfect result once it builds in your mind.


Join Any Online Course

The fourth hook that you can pay more attention to is joining the online course for skill-building and learning. As people say, “Life is Learning. There are many things in life that we still need to learn and know.

If you are really curious to know and learn different subjects then this is the time to look around and use it. As we are still in lockdown, we can learn many things through the internet.

The 21st century is the century of Technology, Internet, IoT, and AI. So do not keep yourself behind to use these opportunities. Grab it and learn through the internet. You can use this beautiful time in your skill-building process.

You can join courses like writing skills for aspiring writers, video graphics, web building, in any subject on your choice and time. You can find any subject on the internet today. It is just a click away to start with.


Read Good Books

This one again my savior. I always say and emphasize on reading books instead of knowing much different information on TV or newspaper or social media. You never learn from these channels as long as you stick to these mediums.

As Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book The Black Swan says, “the overlap between newspapers is so large that you would get less and less information the more you read.”

Do not waste your valuable time by sitting and depressing or disappointing yourself by watching daily news on TV or newspaper for the update of Covid-19 or anything for that case; however, your duty is to stay at home safely.

In his book “The Obstacle is the Way” author Ryan Holiday says, “the obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve your condition.”

Since it is locked down everywhere, you may not be able to order fresh books from stores or online, so it is advised that you can read eBooks from the internet. Those who have some unread books on their bookshelf can pull those books and start reading.

If that also is not happening, then you can find some good articles or blogs of your genre or subjects and start reading it. There are many good articles and blogs out there to read and learn more.


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This Covid-19 is not the one mayhem that we are facing today; however, there were many devastating havoc that happened in the history of human civilization.

If you go back and turn the page of history, there were:

London Pandemic and Devastating Fire in 1665 and 1666

Russian Flu in 1889

WWI & WWII in 1916 and 1945

Spanish Flu in 1918

The Great Depression in 1929

Polio fear and panic among parents in 1950

And recently we had the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in 2004

Recession in 2008-2009

On top of that, there was Ebola, the H1N1 pandemic, and many more outbreaks and epidemics in the past.

But the world has come out from all these events strongly in every sphere of life. The only thing is we need to be very strong from inside and keep struggling to see the opportunities out there.

This is the time we need to be immune by facing these adversities and always find the way in its path.

Be strong, Happy, and Safe… Stay Home, Stay Safe!!

Happy Reading.


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Come let all be strong and fight this pandemic (Covid-19) by staying at home, washing hands with soap, and educating the people in the world.

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