5 New Ideas Every Blogger Should Have

Not finding any idea to write is daunting for every blogger or freelance writer in today’s free internet. If you gauge any topic on the internet it is right there and covered any possible niche.

Then what is the next step for freelance writers to see for a new article?

There is still plenty of room left for any aspiring writer to mark a footprint on freelance writing. This is possible only when you are much passionate about it.

If you check any medium to convey the message to the audience or reader you need content and the platform to showcase the content would be your blogs.

Suppose you are good in particular knowledge and want to share and help to the needy people out there, I am sure, you will get the place to be clicked.

So here I will tell you some hooks where you can fit to be perfect in a freelance writing job. These are just pro-ideas to apply in your blogging business.

Read, Read, and more Read

You might have thought why I always emphasize on reading?

You got it right. This is the only place I feel make a person mature one from every aspect of life. If you really want to explore and learn and earn knowledge, read books. Make a habit of reading books daily. You will get plenty of ideas to work in your genre.

For a freelance writer, if you stick to read regularly, there is no doubt, this will help your writing in different articles.

When I first started writing, I experienced a lot of difficulties in writing. Still, I don’t exaggerate myself as an expert, but what I learned now as compared before the whole credit goes to my habit of reading that I built long before. And I still hooked to this habit every day for at least 1 hour.

Apart from reading books, take out a few minutes and read some important blogs and articles of your genre. Compare your blogs and articles with your peers for the corrections of your mistakes. This will definitely help you to analyze your ideas and motivates you to write more.

And reading does not end here, you can make a habit of reading magazine, which is helpful for your article. There are many magazines in the market with current trends, healthcare, finance, dating, money, you name it. Reading magazine regularly keep you up-to-date all the time.

Extract ideas from search engine and Q&A sites like Google Search and Quora.

In today’s internet age, every question you asked is answered right there. It is as simple as that. Any tough question is almost possible to answer and found on the internet.

There are a number of hungry websites on the internet to answer your queries in a fraction of moment.

One of the most used websites we have today is Google. Presently, Google stands at the top search engine site than other sites. Anything you ask or search, Google can feed you with a proper answer or show you a number of options to choose from.

Unlike Google, there are sites where you can explore your ideas and apply to your blogging business or freelancing. These site such as Quora clears you doubts on anything. Register to these sites and explore it. You can ask any questions pertaining to your belief, the answer is right there in front of your screen.

I think hook to these sites is worth time spending to grab some knowledge.

Google Trends

One of the most familiar features to get some ideas for a freelance writer or blogger is Google Trends. In Google Trends, you will get the contextual ideas for your keyword search to help your writing to get more traffic.

Every blogger or writer should use this wonderful tool to explore the creativity of your writing to push forward to get rank on top. This is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool to check the volume of your keyword search. Being updated to this tool makes you more advanced in terms of writing.

I always hook to Google Trends first before jotting down anything for sure. Google Trends is helping me to name an impressive and eye-catching title for my article. It also gives me a preemptive idea of whether I should write on a particular topic or not because this can show the true volume of any topic or genre.

Get used to SEO Tools like SEMrush, ahrefs, Google Search Consol, MOz, etc.

Every blogger or Vblogger wants his/her websites or videos to be visited, read, watched more.  And if you really want your blog sites to be monetized properly, you need certain tools and features to do the job.

The SEO tools such as SEMrush, ahrefs, and Google keyword planner work for you when you are familiar with these sites. Not only this, these SEO sites can give you more ideas about the concept of writing. Especially for the newbie, those who are struggling to find any topic to write down can check the different articles from the other blogger and writers.

These sites are important for you because this is the portal where you can compare your post URL with the same niche from other bloggers and also possible to create back-links to generate more traffic for your blog sites.

Write Regularly

Last but not least is write regularly. Make a habit of writing every day until the flow comes. Once the habit builds, it never stops.

If you are a newbie and not getting words to express, no problem, you are still to go, but do not give up.

All well-known writers in the world faced the same problems in his/her life before writing their masterpieces or bestsellers.

Read books, blogs, and magazines to get updated with the current affairs and trends. You can note down whatever you finished in your own words. Do not copy. Just let the flow of writing works on behalf of you and write down whatever comes in your mind. There will be some grammatical errors or sentence structure errors at the initial sessions, no issues, keep it for later corrections. The only job you do is to concentrate on building the writing habit. The best idea to write is your own dream. You can jot down, no matter what you dreamt the night before. Try to create a story out of your dream. Once everything is settled after a few session of your writing, then you try correcting the grammatical mistakes, sentence structure, and so on.

This is how the writing works for you. None of the work is going to be perfect unless you practice.


How will these hooks be a perfect idea for your writing? If not please comment below.

My name is Tom Basnet The is purely about my interest in blog writing. If you like my blogs, please comment and share. Thanks, Tom


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