7 Amazing Facts about Fit Yourself Well

In today’s world, people always want to be fit and healthy. By saying this, if you do not have the right combination of fitness goal with strong willpower, this is going to be mere thought of imagination. To fit yourself well, you need to have willpower with the correct chemistry of habits, then it is going to show you the finest result in your body, mind, and spirit.

How will this be possible to fit yourself well?

Here I have curated about 7 amazing facts which can make you fit as well as happy in your everyday life.


Sleep deprivation is one of the most serious issues in the World. Being a victim of this for a long time, I know, how this could affect one’s life.  There are so many diseases associated with this sleep deprivation. First of all, you do not feel good when you do not get proper sleep at night.  Your feelings will be changed. The concentration level goes down. You cannot feel like working and many more.

To fit yourself well, the first job is to make sure you sleep well at night, no matter what.

People ask me how do we get to sleep well if you have so many deadlines for working projects that also in the graveyard shift?

In this cutting-edge technology today, we have to be very busy to finish the given project within the timeframe.  In this work scenarios, we tend to miss our quality sleeping time and become a victim of the sleepless night.

Yes, I agree to those who have more weight on their work and works in the night shifts to get their project done.

For those people, first of all, refrain from any alcohol and smoke. Make sure you get to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours in the daytime. Make your willpower strong enough to control bad habits.  Read books before going for sleep. Reading books especially novels help as a sleeping pill as well as meditation or yoga will add up some soothing factor to your sleep and help you get quality sleep.


Do you know, the most pleasing word in five letters in the world? Any guess?


Just think about it, a mild smile from your face can change the appearance and convert it into a happy moment.

Some researchers have found that laugh stimulates your happy hormones like dopamines, endorphins, etc. and make you enthusiastic every second of your life. So do not hesitate to laugh, who knows this may change your low-mood life into a fruitful one.

The simple way to have this energetic method to work in you is to join any kind of program where you can entertain yourself and enjoy. Go to any club and join or socialize with your interested buddies where you can exchange enough number of gossips and possibly make your life as a very simple and prosperous. Interacts with a number of people and make friends, so that your energy level will not drop down, and you feel great all the time.


Just a 10-minute workout whether by going gym or simple exercises at home will have a great impact on your healthy lifestyle.  Take any 5 exercises of your interest, and start 1 minute each in the morning and evening will work like magic in your body and make you always fit and healthy.

For my case, I always prefer Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) in the morning and evening.  This has 12 poses and is effective for all the body organs. Sun Salutation has more beneficial aspects than any other exercises. I can say full power pack workout.

You can choose from any other exercise as you feel interested.  It is not mandatory that you do only Surya Namaskar. If your interest to include this in your workout regime, it is better. But just 10 minutes walking also can show the good results in your fit yourself well program.


Powerful word!! Isn’t it?

As I said, sex is one of the most searched words on the internet we have today.  If you search in Google you come to know how many results will show you about this three-letter word, SEX.

But still, most of the people today ignore talking about sex and become a victim of depressed life. We generally read in news and saw, and have experienced a number of the altercation among couples and husband-wife are the main reason behind not having a healthy sex life.  And the result is eye-opening, will tend to make the couples towards filing up the divorce paper.

Maintaining proper sex life and discussion about the same will really help to sort out many issues in the family. Sex is one of the most important fitness regimes in life.

Sex can make you fit in a very different manner.  It works psychologically feel-good moment in you as well as your partner. It does not require you to have sex every day.  Weekly thrice is more than enough to bring back your strength. Forget about the orgasms if you are not achieving it, try a different method to keep your energy intact and love as much as possible.


It is known to all, Healthy Food, Healthy Life.

Are you following the same in your real life? Are you experiencing the real taste of food which really makes you fit and perfect?

If it is Yes.  You are almost there.

To fit yourself well, you have to have a healthy food recipe in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner table. Food with having more nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water can make your food healthy.

Today we have so many varieties to choose from which one is the right food to eat and which are not to eat. There is genetically modified food (simply GM food) in the market. It is said that taking this kind of food can harm your organ and make you unhealthy. We need to be very careful about selecting this type of food in our diet.

Maintaining a proper diet will definitely help to build a strong body and enhance your immunity. Choose protein-based food which can make your muscle and bones strong to sustain until your final day.

You can use 80/20 rule in the diet also like the diet that gives more nutrients with fewer quantities of food can definitely help fit yourself well.

Lastly, the right food at the right time will boost your energy and make you healthy and immune.


Alternatively, a great stress buster. Why because it creates a feel-good-moment in anyone’s life.  Meeting your old friends, relatives, your loved ones will definitely make you happy and fun. You are happy and having fun means, you are fit enough to challenge anything.

Today, we have many channels and sources to socialize with the friend, relatives, and your loved ones, and those are like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Twitter, SnapChat, emailing you name it.

Just checking of your friends’ updates and requests on Facebook or Instagram can make your stress level come down and you feel good. This type of social media network will surely bring your happy moment back and feeling like fit and strong yourself.

But there are certain etiquettes and rules that you should not ignore. Misusing of these social media may make you trouble in your life and force you to go to your dejected life cycle.  So you should make sure that you never misuse this. Just think about your purpose of handling this and make more fruitful out of it.


Focus into any one point, it could be your God or your breathing, anything can work. Just 10-minutes of meditation every day will make you calm and peace, and fit yourself well. That’s the power of meditation. It can change your harmful habits into a great level of enthusiasm and keep you always happy and healthy.

Religiously, there are many methods of doing meditation.  If you check through Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Christian perspective, you will find different techniques of doing meditation. Irrespective of your religion, the main purpose of meditation is to enlighten your soul. A pure soul, free from sin, evil, negativity, etc. Free from these germs of life means fitting yourself well.

It is a good idea if you make your meditation a daily habit for fitness.

Today everybody wants their life to be happy enough, disease free and fit, and have more friends and companions. I am sure that to achieve all these things only possible when you follow and implement these 7 Amazing Facts about Fit Yourself Well in your day to day life. Not only that you can become financially fit also as these factors can make you more mature to decide any money matter things in your life. After all, investing your money will require well planned and right discipline at the right time will possible only through 7 Amazing Facts about Fit Yourself Well.

Are you fit yourself well in your life? Please comment below.

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