Namaste! Welcome!!

Let me start with Eckhart Tolle’s words from “A New Earth” —

‘Make sure the present moment is your friend, not your enemy. Honor it by giving it your fullest attention. Appreciate it by being thankful for it. Become internally aligned with it by allowing it to be as it is. That is the arising of the new earth.’

My name is Tom Basnet and hooktofit.com is my personal blog site. The idea behind this site is my interest in writing and also learning and sharing knowledge with the world.

Thank you for visiting hooktofit.com.

If you really want to know more about me, there is nothing to know as I do not have such an eye-catching story as of yet. Presently, I am experiencing and feeling a new life and consciousness.

I just started a blog to give more space to my hobby. I love writing and reading. I am not an expert or literary genius, but I still like to scribble whatever comes at the time.

These information-laden days, you feel distracted, disappointed, and dejected, and you become victims of depression, anxiety, and stress. 

So how will you get out of this feeling and enjoy the moment?

It is possible only when you pay more attention to it and being conscious.

Based on these fundamentals, it is Hook, Learn, and Fit.

Here ‘FIT’ could be anything in your life: well-being, health, finance, relationship, love, hate – anything.

For more information, please write in info@hooktofit.com