Do You Follow Health Rules?

The other day I was curious about better health tips and rules. So I just typed the words “HEALTH RULES” in the google search bar. I was surprised by seeing the result as it was showing more than 1 billion results and that also in 0.51 seconds (1,42,00,00,000 results). Now guess how many articles are written on HEALTH RULES.

The human population in the world is approximately 7.7 billion. Simply if you calculate those results with this population, it will come as a ratio of 1:7 people. That means every person in seven should be aware of these Health Rules.

But the question here is, are these people following the rules to maintain and live better health in their life?

The straight forward answer NO.

Just knowing the rules for good health is not enough. Like I say, everybody knows smoking is dangerous to health. Smoking kills you. You will have lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth ulcer, etc. etc. Does that mean, people stopped smoking? No.

Now more and more people are diagnosed with serious illnesses. Cancer patients in hospitals are rising. Depressions and suicides in the world are growing. School children are victimized by the mental disturbance of people in the world. Why these issues are not controlled by these rules? Health problems in people are increasing in spite of knowing so much health rules.

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According to me, overwhelming rules and tips on health topic will not solve the serious health problems. It is like if I tell you to stop thinking of a king, his well-decorated crown, his hanging big golden chains in his neck, his golden boots with upward-bent tip, and his well shinning costume. Now you cannot stop thinking a live king in front of your eyes instead of knowing to stop thinking.

That is the problem we have now. You will have a lot of golden rules about better health out there but at the end of the day, rules are to be broken.

Too much good stuff is not good for health. If you are flooding out with a good number of health rules, then there will be nothing left for bad to be corrected. Good and bad are the opposites of the same coin.

Maintaining your health depends on you. You are the driver of your health whether you want your passenger to be saved from potholes or ditch. You decide what is good and bad in terms of health.

I think we should follow the lifestyle of Okinawan people, longest-living race on the planet. They do not have any such golden rules in the checklist. They do not hit the gym every day to burn fat or calorie. They do not eat fruits daily. There is no such mantra for them to live a better and longer life, but the simple traditional method of living. They love doing gardening, walking, dance, and gentle martial arts. That’s it.  Nothing more. Still, they enjoy the world’s highest life expectancy.

How is this possible? It is possible only when you change yourself. The key to better health is your willpower. The day you control it, everything is going to be okay.  No more golden rules to rule your mind, body, and spirit.


It is said “less is more.”


What motivates you to change the willpower?  Is there any such mantra in your mind for better health?

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  • Jeff

    Talking of willpower, the state of a normal person’s will power towards health is summed up in this funny quote in read somewhere:

    “I am opening a gym named ‘Resolutions.’ It will have exercise equipment for the first 2 weeks and then turn into a bar for the rest of the year.” 🙂

    As usual, your article is a delight to read Tom, keep going mate

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