How is it helpful when you switch your diet to vegan or vegetarian

Are you in the midst of thought how a vegan or vegetarian diet can make a person healthy and fit?

You are not alone.

Being a non-vegetarian, even I got a little nudge. I could not stop finding the truth and delved into the facts to know more about the veganism. What I found is surprisingly well-documented truth about vegan and vegetarian diet which could be possible for many reasons.

You know very well, switching your diet will be difficult since you have been taking this for a long period of time. But I believe there is a way to switch your diet if you pay more attention to it.

Today, a vegan or vegetarian diet is no more strange talking. The plant-based foods are trending in the world and very popular.

Why because this vegan diet contains multi-beneficial factors and there are possibilities that this can make you healthy and fit for a prolonged period of time. If you really want good health and live longer, then vegan or vegetarian is the option.

Researchers have found a well balanced vegan diet with micronutrient properties like protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals, and water is the new hook for your well-being.

Many experts in the nutritional diet confirm that it may possible for vegan or vegetarian to receive an equal amount of protein from the plant-based food.

According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), well planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes. Total vegetarian or vegan diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Today more people are interested to switch their diet and going vegan or vegetarian.

Many experts believe that Vegan or vegetarian diets can reduce blood sugar level in the body and controls diabetes.

But there are other disadvantages for going vegan or vegetarian diet is lack of sufficient vitamin B12 or iron properties in plant-based food.  Experts and nutritionists say that it is better for people to take supplementary foods for the daily requirement of Vitamin B12, iron, and omega-3.

Here I want to tweak your attention and take you to the story of my own father who was a vegetarian. The term for this diet he used to tell us was Satvikk Food (in English righteous food).

I was curious to know about the diet that my father was taking.  When I checked later and found the Satvikk food that he was talking was nothing but Lacto-vegetarian diet.

Actually, Lacto-vegetarian is a person who takes dairy products and excludes eggs. The interesting fact is that my father did not have any major illnesses in his entire life as far as I know. He used to ride a bicycle until 100 years of his age. He was the inspiration for all of us in the family and local communities.

There are four types of Vegan or vegetarian diet followers in the world. These diets are distinguished as the following categories:

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: This type of diet includes eggs and dairy products.

Lacto-vegetarian: This type of diet excludes eggs, but includes dairy products.

Ovo-vegetarian: This type of diet includes dairy products, but excludes eggs.

Vegan: This type of diet excludes both eggs and dairy products.

You can choose the diet that suits you best.

Today, people are interested in going vegan or vegetarian diet is increasing in many countries. Especially, millennials from Asian countries and Europe are showing interest in vegan or vegetarian diets. According to a popular blog site, says around 7.3 million Americans are vegetarian.

Popular hotels and restaurants in most of the countries have their vegan menu to serve.

Reading this data shows that a vegan or vegetarian diet is undoubtedly is the best option to follow the diet and become healthy.

There are other certain reasons that a person become vegan or vegetarian based on the following principles:

Ethical: If you see through the moral point of view, each and every living creatures on the planet has the right to live free. Its a philosophy about right or wrong. The person who thinks the cruelty against the animal is wrong, he/she never accepts eating animal products because behind all animal products there are some inhuman activities.

Religion: Some religions in the world do not entertain any killing and eating animal products. They strictly follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Health: This plays a major role in going vegan or vegetarian. According to WHO (World Health Organization) report ischemic heart disease is the topmost cause of death in the world. Ischemic heart disease is the accumulation of fat deposit in the artery restricting blood to flow. Many experts say that a plant-based diet helps good fat HDL to increase and controls the bad fat LDL and VLDL. Plant-based foods are good and healthy for many other major illnesses.

Environmental: Popular website says veganism is “single most biggest way” to reduce our environmental impact on the planet, study finds. Studies are found that animal agriculture businesses release more greenhouse gases than other factors which affect the planet more. Researchers have also found that more animal killing would lead the acidification and dead zones in the ocean resulting lack of oxygen for sea animals. It is said that we could reduce all the impact that our beautiful planet is receiving by accepting a Vegan or vegetarian diet.

I think this all about attention that you need to heed for the benefit of the planet and your health.

Switching your diet is also not an easy task as it may hurt you mentally, emotionally, religiously. Its all up to you how well you decide. This is not a magic that shows you some miracles over the night. It is a gradual process and may change some down the line in the future.

I can only tell that its the education and knowledge of how you take the best way forward for switching your diet.


Disclaimer:  The above-given article is not for any advice. This is solely for my interest in the subject. If you really need any advice regarding the same, please contact your nutritionist or doctor or get better knowledge from other related sources.

How Motivation Lead Your Life Fit, Healthy & Happy

Motivation, powerful and most effective ingredient for your well-being. Motivation can not only improve your behavioral pattern in life but also make you fit and healthy. The passion to do something good for your body, mind, and spirit make you fit and healthy. You can imagine the burning desire to become fit yourself and the same can be turned into motivation for your well-being.

Motivation plays an important role to shape life in your choices.

But the question comes here is how will you cultivate the motivation within yourself?

As I said how will you develop the true motivation in you and lead your life fit, healthy, and happy. There are certain aspects to this question as this denotes to an individual how you control your mind to the fact of well-being. If you really want your body to be fit and healthy, you need to motivate either from inside or from outside sources. The moment your very nature of motivation clicked within your mind, it is much sure that you start working your fitness regime, like exercise, yoga, or any other workout which can turn into a regular habit and make you fit and healthy.

Before generating enough motivation, you need to know about the different kinds of motivation.

There are two types of motivations. One is internal/intrinsic motivation and the other one is external/extrinsic motivation.

The internal motivation comes from within and is called pure motivation. Self-determination is such a type of motivation. This comes out from within as it embedded inside your mind and whatever activity you want to pursue, it immediately motivates you to complete it.

Internal motivations can help you build a good habit, behavior, manner, and important values which are much needed in your day to day life. This type of motivation hook inside your heart and brings back some passion to do something good to lead a better life. This can help you understand the true value of your life. When you believe yourself and value to live, you are totally aware of the better world in front of you and you start working positively. It may be your health, life, or goodness to all humanity

If you go in detail about internal motivation, like if a person wants himself to get fit and healthy, he can do this without taking help from others.  It is instinctively there within his mind to perform the job at any cost. In other words, the passion that you cultivate yourself can lead you to hit the gym or doing the workout in the morning and evening can build a habit that becomes your better lifestyle and be happy doing it.

The other type of motivation is external/extrinsic. In external motivation, you get motivated by the external sources as inspirations you get from leading personalities in the world, your teacher, movies, art, books, etc. If your passion for a healthy lifestyle, you may get motivated while reading a fitness magazine or any health-related books. Most of the time, I get motivated by reading autobiographies of athlete or sportsperson.

There are a number of books which can give you much more inspiration and motivation for a healthy lifestyle

For my case, I always get inspire and motivate when I read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.” Truly amazing book to read about the story how a simple boy from Austria to the world renown bodybuilder with a number of accolades and awards in Hollywood with great movies like Total Recall, Terminator series, and also served as a Governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

What motivated Arnold to be the Megastar in Hollywood and the Governor of California?

Answer to replenish this is his unparalleled dream of becoming a bodybuilder in the world. His dream came true when he won the first Mr. Universe at the age of 20 and he went on achieved Mr. Olympia 7 times. With the same dream of bodybuilding and winning a number of Mr. Olympia, he got the opportunity to act in the movies as an action hero, then it is never turning back for him, giving one after another hit movies.

There are other such inspiring and motivational stories in the world to motivate from.

I am always interested to know and learn from two personalities in the world of history. And these two great personalities are Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu) and the other great person I am inspired more is Nelson Mandela.

You are wondering why I have mentioned these two great soul’s name.

The only reason behind these names is the motivation they practiced and carried with them are faith and non-violence (ahimsa).

So it is very sure that motivation builds true characters within us and works for our better future either healthy lifestyle or developing true spirit within yourself.

In every aspect of life, motivation helps to influence our characters, manners, habits, you name it, for the better human being.

Are you motivated enough to lead your life fit, healthy, and happy? Please comment below.